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Understanding the mechanics of stress

Analyze and take a step back from your own behavior under stress
Experiment and learn about stress management tools
Understanding emotions

Understanding emotions to better regulate them

Identify the functioning and role of emotions in behavior
Acquire the ability to express and regulate emotions
Knowing how to identify and welcome the emotional reactions of others in order to improve the relationship
Non-violent communication

Non-violent communication: listening and preventing tension

Non-Violent Communication (NVC) is defined as a language devoid of reproaches or judgments.
his method allows: to express or pass on requests in such a way that they are not perceived as meaningless demands; to improve the quality of its communication and its relations with others, by expressing and negotiating its needs with mutual respect; to promote the emergence of conditions for cooperation and to prevent and manage situations of tension / conflict
Analysis of work situations

Workshop: Analysis of work situations

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Individual interview: Deepening

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